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The Guide was last updated on 06 March 2007
The last section updated was HM:BTN FAQ, Walkthrough, Game Guide, and Gameplay Mechanics Guide

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NOTE: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl is a port of Back to Nature and its previously-never-released-in-English Girl version. The Boy version of the game is identical to the original PlayStation release of BTN, and thus, this section applies to that version of HM B&G. However, there are some changes between the Boy and Girl versions, so this guide may not be 100% useful for the Girl version.

NOTE 2: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl has a pair of known glitches that this section does not otherwise acknowledge: the horse whistle does not work in the Boy version, and the animal trading option will lock up your game if you try to use it. This only applies to the US version, so far; the Japanese version is unaffected.

Table of ContentsVersionLast Update
HM:BTN FAQ, Walkthrough, Game Guide, and Gameplay Mechanics Guide2.6006 March 2007
HM:BTN Manual Plus1.1324 March 2004
Finding the Power Berries in HM:BTN1.0010 September 2006
The Endings of HM:BTNBeta 212 March 2004
Example: Proof of Animal Mechanics in HM:BTN1.0024 February 2004
Gameplay Mechanics Outlined1.0122 April 2004
Visual WalkthroughsBeta10 June 2004
Recipe Overviews1.0008 January 2005
Villager Overviews1.0013 April 2004
Buying and Selling Guide1.0007 January 2005

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