PlayStation Portable
PSP Backgrounds - Low Bandwidth Version

This page is dedicated to the various PSP backgrounds that I've both devised and converted from larger images.

DISCLAIMER: The original content of these images is not my property! I simply resized and/or arranged them to fit on a PSP screen!

El Goonish Shive Backgrounds
Fairy NanaseNioi & GraceFuku Tedd Rampage
Big Pet KittySusan of the StarsChibi Omega Grace
WaitressesSquirrel Gone NutsEl Goonish Kitties BG
Goomanji Elliot & SarahSecond LifeEllen & Ellen
WordBobcat WomanWriter's Block Cave
Santa EllenHigh Fly NanaseDress Rehersal
Young Love?Shrink Ray'd TeddTurn Around!
Super Principal BrosEllen and The GooTedd the Cook
Four-Armed Kitsune Tedd-SarahBeach NioiTree Grace
The Piece that Does Not FitAll Female Group PhotoEpiphany

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Calendar

Misc. Backgrounds
Suikoden - Soul EaterDragon Quest VIIIChildren of Mana

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