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What the heck is this? This is the shameless section of my site where you can find the various images and such that I've made over time to express my opinions in typical internet meme fashion. Enjoy?

Bunnies Are Bad at Jeopardy - Parody of the Raving Rabbids commercials: Very Useful Scientific Facts

Next-Gen Visuals - A satirical look at the assumed quality of so-called "next-gen" visuals

Undersea Garden for Sale - This is what happens when I listen to the Beatles too much, and I'm sure it'll pop up elsewhere some day in some form or another...

Glitches - A motivational poster

Fanservice - A motivational poster

The PlayStation Tree - A motivational poster

Auto-Fail - A motivational poster

The cake is a pie! - A Portal-related joke. I just want to say that, if this becomes a widely adopted image-bsed meme, chances are it started here. Sorry 'bout that.

"Hey! Excuuuuuuse me, princess!" - This is a voice clip I did mimicking an old cartoon character's irritating catchphrase. It's eerily accurate...

An owlish set of voice clips: O RLY? YA RLY! NO WAI! YA WAI! SRSLY? SRSLY! I WINZ!

Fun with Super Paper Mario

There's a point in chapter 5 of Super Paper Mario where you can have any 8-character word or phrase of your choosing be screamed for all the world to... well, see, since it's not voice-acted, but still. It's all good fun, and here's some that I've made (largely by request of Phantasia Knights):

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Naughty ones: #1 #2

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